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H-H-H (HOT-HORNY-HOG 3oz.) Hog Balls 6oz. jar
H-H-H (HOT-HORNY-HOG 3oz.)Hog Balls 6oz. jar
H-H-H (Hot Horny Hog) 3oz. This will drive that Boar hog nuts with the urge to breed. Hot Horny Hog is collected from a sow hog in heat and bottled fresh for unequalled Quality. Use anytime during the year. Wild Boar breed all year.We have infused our specially designed polymer beads with our premium sow-in heat urine (sow Estrus). This combination will allow for you to disperse sow-in-heat scent around your bait site for weeks, so you can coax in that cautious, smart, old boar!